FOP (Fundraising, Outreach, Publicity)
  • Goal: To create a more public profile, to promote club brand image, and to generate revenue
  • We strive to promote this sport and help cultivate an inclusive community of people who all love table tennis
  • Goal: Keep members coming to each training session and keep their enthusiasm for table tennis up by communicating the fundamentals of table tennis
  • Create an inclusive and supportive atmosphere for both coaches and players during training sessions
  • Goal: To have members interact with each other and create a community outside of table tennis
  • By holding events that create a community that fosters meaningful personal interactions with each other


Hugo Zhan


Sam Menefee

Vice President and Social Chairman

Zoey Sun

FOP Chairman

Nathan Lee

Coaching Chairman

Lavanya Maruthapandian

Competitive Team Captain


Social Officers

Lulu Dai & Sam Menefee

A Team

B Team