When to sign-up:
  • You can still sign-up even if the session is full because someone may decide to drop it
  • Session sign-ups are closed 15 minutes before it begins
Signing-up for two sessions:
  • If you would like to attend two sessions, you should sign-up for your preferred session first and then sign up for the other session afterward and if there is space available after the 15 minute cutoff you will be automatically added
Rosters are sorted prioritizing:
  1. Cal table tennis membership ๐Ÿ“
  2. UC Berkeley email
  3. Time signed-up


We offer 4 different types of sessions:

Novice Training Intermediate Training Advanced Training Tournaments


  1. Choose the session you would like to attend and hit sign-up
  2. Only Training sessions require a drop-in fee (if you are not a member๐Ÿ“):
    • Check-in to pay the drop-in fee via venmo
    • Show the coach the venmo transaction to be approved โœ…
  3. Sessions start at Berkeley time (10 minutes after posted time)


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