Membership is for those who are looking to go to training sessions or use our tables outside of open play/training hours. Membership will allow you to sign up for training sessions on the website and you will be given the code to the nets and loaner paddles outside of club hours. Dues pay for new balls, loaner paddles, and equipment.

Membership perks:
  • Access to training sessions
  • Access to Tables and Nets outside of open play hours
Dues also provide the club with funding for:
  • Balls and loaner paddles
  • New Tables and other equipment


Open play and Training is only available to enrolled students at UC Berkeley and those with an active RSF membership. If you are an enrolled student, you automatically have an active RSF membership because the fees are included in your tuition. Before you decide to register for a cal table tennis membership, come to an open play to see how you like the club.

  1. Sign-in to the cal rec sports website through either link below to pay dues. This will add you the official RSF member list.
    • ⚠️We are not checking registration⚠️ Log in to be added to our player database
    • Do not pay dues unless you are part of the competitive team
  2. Once you pay dues, register below. This will allow us to update your membership status on the cal table tennis website. Please do not click the button below unless you have paid dues through the RSF website.


Our club is funded by donations and membership dues. The best way to support the club is to buy a membership but if you are not a Cal student you can also support us by donating through the Big Give. Anything helps!